Archivio della Società romana di storia patria vol. 145.5 – Vincenzo G. Pacifici


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Le epidemie di colera nel XIX secolo a Roma e nell’area tiburtina

Vincenzo G. Pacifici

The papers housed in the Tivoli Municipal Archives provide an informed guide to the probles of hygiene and epidemics, particularly cholera (1823 – 1855). Government bodies adopted twin strategies of denunciations and proactive measures to preserve hygiene and to contain the contagion. The Archives preserve news and evidence of the most dramatic and tragic moments experienced by Tivoli and its surrounding territory during those years. Contemporary studies also offer information and news indispensable for the reconstruction of facts, circumstances and events.


Archivio della Società romana di storia patria, 145

gennaio 2023, pp. 6

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