Archivio della Società romana di storia patria vol. 143.5 – Salvagni


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Bottega e corporazione: l’eredità di Raffaello nell’Università dei Pittori di Roma

Isabella Salvagni

The reorganization of the Universitas Picture ac Miniature, following the Sack of Rome in 1527 and the resulting dispersal of Rome’s artists, began in 1533 and took place under the banner of Raphael’s legacy. It is the continuity with the master’s work that the first exiles returning to the city — his students and his collaborators — celebrated and pursued within the guild, together with the claim of a different status for the painter. These actions, carried on by their disciples, culminated in the transformation from guild to academy and the proclamation of the nobiltà della pittura by Pope Clement VIII Aldobrandini. This paper is dedicated to recovering the traces of these protagonists and their reciprocal relationships, investigated against the background of broader artistic history of Rome.

Archivio della Società romana di storia patria, 143

dicembre 2021, pp. 49

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